George Fletcher

At the request of  my friend and colleague Gordon Cornell, I’m trying to learn more about the life and work of George Fletcher, best remembered as the chief engine designer for International Model Aircraft (IMA – FROG) and (briefly) E.D.  All that I know so far is that he worked for Davies-Charlton (D-C) Ltd. in the late 1940’s and then worked briefly for Alan Allbon during 1950 prior to Allbon’s near-collapse as a result of the infamous Purchase Tax ruling.  In around 1952 George replaced Bert Judge as IMA’s chief engine designer, remaining there until 1962, when he mover briefly to E.D.   Along the way he remained active as a hands-on aeromodeller, winning the Knokke no. 2 Trophy (C/L Scale) in 1960 with his fine  SE5A.

Gordon has a recollection that after the “original” E.D. company folded in 1963, George may then have gone to work for Dr. Joseph Ehrlich of EMC motorcycles fame.  Can any reader add anything to our knowledge of George and his activities?!?

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