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Super Tigre classics

Calling all aficionados of Italian engines!! I’m currently working on getting started on a history of Super Tigre’s classic era (from the start up to the early 1960’s). I have assembled a fair bit of information, but I’m going to need help from better-informed sources to get this done!

One area of confusion arises with the 5 cc Super Tigre G.21 series. I gather that the original ring piston version originated in 1951. I need to know when the first lapped piston models appeared. I also know that the lapped engines came with shiny cases (as illustrated) and with matte cases as well as separate backplates secured by four screws – I need to know when those changes occurred.

Another area where I’m lost is with the G.25 diesel of 1 cc displacement. I believe that the first model with integrally-formed cooling fins originated in 1954,, but there was a later version (illustrated) with a separate aluminium alloy screw-on cooling jacket. I need to know when that change was made.

Can any kind reader help me here?

This thread is of course open for any and all discussion relating to Super Tigre engines.  I may have more questions myself!