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T.Y.C. engines

I recently became aware of a Chinese-made engine of which I had no previous knowledge. This was a T.Y.C. 2.5 cc diesel. It’s a fairly simple plain-bearing radially-ported design which appears to be rather similar to its Chinese Yin Yan/Silver Swallow contemporaries. All I know so far is that the T.Y.C. engines were reportedly manufactured in the early to mid 1980’s. Does anyone out there know more?!? If so, please respond!! All input gratefully acknowledged!

T.Y.C. 2.5 cc diesel - left rear view (2)

Dyne engines

Guys, I’m working on a piece about the Dyne engines from the 1946 – 1949 era in Britain. They were marketed through a retail outlet called Watkins Stores  in Cardiff, South Wales. If anyone out there has any authoritative information about this range or can provide some serial numbers, I’d be most grateful! Cheers,


Dyne 3 cc Mk. 2 diesel - left front view

Suggestions for new postings

As it stands, this blog site is set up so that I’m the only one who can post a new topic for discussion. I suppose this is fair enough, since it’s my blog site and I’m the moderator. So I should have full control over content, and I do!

Problem is, what if some reader out there would like to see a new discussion topic posted? Well, here’s the answer! Just submit a comment in response to this post suggesting the topic, and I’ll look at it. If I agree (and I will not be arbitrary or unreasonable on this!), the post will magically appear, with the name of the person who suggested it included. Hope this resolves the issue!!

Spark ignition coils from around the world

My good mate and valued colleague Tim Dannels is currently pursuing a research project in relation to spark ignition coils and condensers from the long-gone pre-1950 era. The scope of Tim’s research can extend to a few later items which were made for inclusion with reproduction engines (e.g., Dunham Engineering and others) made long after the “true” ignition era.

Does anyone out there have any ignition coils made in countries other than the USA? If so, please share that information here!! The Keenie coils from Toronto in Canada are one such example – there must be many others!!

H-P engines

As I noted in my January 2016 Editorial, I plan to publish a history of the British-made H-P engines from the late 1940’s (not the far later Austrian HP units!) in my February issue. I think I have the main facts pretty well sorted out, but could really use some more serial numbers to help with estimates of production figures. In addition, some bore and stroke measurements would really help to resolve some remaining ambiguities regarding displacements. If you have any such information, please write a comment in response to this posting! All input will be appropriately credited in the final article.

H-P Mk. III diesel no. D-654 - left side view

Bear with me!!

I’m still in the process of getting the hang of this, so you guys will have to bear with me while I do so! It seems that the titled posts that I put up in my capacity as moderator are in effect seen by the site as new topics. If you click on the “leave a comment” button underneath each of my posts, you’ll be able to add a comment on that particular posting. Once that’s done and your comment has been approved by me as moderator, the “leave a comment” button changes to a “view all xx comments” indication. Click on that, and the original post then appears at the top, with all subsequent comments on that post appearing below from oldest to most recent. At the bottom of the list of comments already on file, you’ll find a box which allows you to add a further comment on that particular post.

At the top of the list, beneath each original post which is viewed in this manner, you’ll find a pair of arrow buttons which allow you to scroll through the various postings and associated comments.  I find this to be quite handy!

To see who’s been commenting recently and on which topic(s), a list of recent comments appears to the right of the main post page.  Useful for keeping track of ongoing activity.

I hope that all of this will become clear when you try it! Once we all get the hang of it, this feature should prove quite useful!


A further note …….

Something that I forgot to mention – when you submit a comment to this site, it has to be approved by me as the site moderator. Any comment that is in any way relevant to the general subject with which the site is concerned will be approved, but it may take a little time for your posting to appear. I will reject any comments which are inappropriately expressed or which do not bear on the subject. I will also reject any overtly commercial postings.

OK, let’s hear from a few of you!!

Cheers, Adrian