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I’ve started this new thread to assist people needing parts for a specific engine to let others know.  I’ll lead off – I could use a timer assembly for a Lucas & Smith Contestor D-60-R.


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    1. Hi Tom, I too have managed to obtain a circa 1945 Mills .75 with all parts. As I can see a weak joint exists under the venturi in the aluminum plate and “tabs” securing a thin slightly crazed plastic fuel bowl. Can’t seem to locate a good replacement for either. Most clone venture are part of the aluminum fuel bowl. Have you learned anything in your search? Thanks, Kep.
      Texas, USA.

  1. Attachment

    Hello, Adrian from Trinidad, CO. Here is a photo of the HGK .20 engine I recently acquired. Nice, and tight tapered piston fit and a displacement I’ve never seen before.

    The displacement stamp is rather light, but readable and also shown on the box.

    Cheers, Steve

  2. First model Madewell Mite, 1938 needs two nuts for the crankcase screws. Also need: timer, tank and Japanese period spark plug for Hope B; timer and Japanese spark plug for Ishizue Model K22, 1942 Japan, and literature. Thanks, Paul in Thailand

  3. I would like to find a connecting rod for a DC 1cc I have a 1 and a 1.49 and the rods are interchangeable.

  4. Hi Adrian,
    I have an O&R 60 spark ignition engine and the main bearing has excessive play, that upsets the dwell time of the points, which is already very ordinary.
    I’m considering sleeving the main bearing, that is drilling it out, reaming it then pressing in a new sleeve and finishing that to the crank.
    Any comments on that process and what material would you suggest for the bearing sleeve? I’m considering phosphor bronze.
    The reason for the sleeving is that I’m not sure if the main bearing housing bush is pressed in or cast in. The other reason is that the relief for the points access to the crankshaft needs to be quite accurate. If I don’t disturb that I can follow the original slot in the original bearing.
    Your thoughts please,

  5. Further to my last post, if anyone has a new or good condition front housing for a Small Port O&R 60, or a parts engine I’d be interested.
    Flick me an email if you have.

  6. Now need a needle valve for Jenco Whirlwind 6cc. It appears it was broken when dropped in the packing process following an online auction. I managed to extract the broken needle part so all I need now is a replacement. Other than this the engine is near new. I shall endeavor to post a relevant photo asap. Thank you.

  7. I am in need of some OS FS70 (3) surpass rings which are now obsolete from OS.
    I have been trying to make connections with Bjorn from RMJ Machine Worx piston rings
    for the last 6 months via Email to order them and have not got a response yet. I really do not want to disturb him with phone calls. does anyone know if he still making the rings or how I can make contact?

  8. Dear Adrian
    I have recently acquired a MK2 Allbon 2.8 serial number 1697 with the usual modified transfer port. Is this the highest number known?
    Stewart McLaren

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