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Viking range

The Viking range of model engines was manufactured on the island of Fyn in Denmark by Christian Tommerup Clausen. Production commenced in early 1950 and continued until 1969. During this period, some 25,000 examples of various models were manufactured. 

The best-known and by far the most popular Viking model was the excellent and in some ways highly individualistic 2.5 cc sideport diesel. This engine remained in production throughout the lifetime of the range, with some 20,000 examples being made in total. In essence, it proved to be the "Danish Mills". There was also a very low-production 3.2 cc version of the same engine, but this did not survive long in the marketplace.

Full details of the Viking engines together with a summary of the Danish model engine manufacturing industry leading up to the 1950 introduction of the Viking range may be found elsewhere on this website. 

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