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VT range

The VT range of model engines was manufactured in Budapest, Hungary, between 1955 and 1961. The manufacturers were the two Vella brothers András and Géza, who had a small workshop on Csepel, a large island in the Danube in the Budapest area.

The VT engines were produced to very good standards and offered more than adequate levels of performance for their intended purposes. Both sports diesels and racing glow-plug engines were produced, the latter in very small quantities. Some of the various models were offered for export by a Hungarian trading organization called ARTEX, resulting in a considerable number of these engines reaching markets in Western countries. These were sold under a variety of trade-names, including Engel (in Germany) and BX (in the Scandinavian countries). 

Production of the VT engines ceased in 1961 when the younger Vella brother Géza escaped with his family from Communist Hungary to Italy by way of Yugoslavia. After a hiatus of some years, the remaining brother András resumed limited production in 1969 under the Vella name, continuing to manufacture quality model engines until the mid 1980's.  

Full details of the Vella Brothers engines may be found in a detailed article on this web-site.  


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