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Viking 3.2 cc glow-plug model

The Viking 3.2 cc glow-plug motor of 1952-54 was an elegantly-styled Danish-made unit designed and manufactured by Christian Tommerup Clausen at his factory at Lundbyvej in the northern part of the south-central Danish island of Fyn. The engine displayed some very up-to-date features, including extremely generous cylinder porting configured in a four-port scavenging arrangement along similar lines to that used by Cox in America. It also featured disc rear rotary valve (RRV) induction along with a racing-style surface jet needle valve assembly.

Unfortunately, the engine also embodied a number of serious design flaws, including a very inefficient combustion chamber configuration, an outrageously heavy cast iron piston, a very lightly constructed crankshaft which was clearly too insubstantial for its task, a cylinder liner that was really too thin to provide adequate stability and a disc valve tensioning system that imposed a very high level of power-robbing drag during operation. For all these reasons, the engine was a chronic under-performer, also exhibiting highly problematic levels of vibration as well as a tendecy towards vibration-related mechanical failure. It was not a success in the marketplace and was withdrawn after only around 100 examples had been manufactured. Surviving examples in good condition are very rare today.

A full evaluation and test of this unsuccessful but nonetheless very interesting unit is incorporated into the main article on Danish model engines and the Viking range, to be found elsewhere on this website. That article covers the full Viking range in varying degrees of detail.



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