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CS NAVO .375

The CS NAVO .375 diesel was a limited-edition production from the CS company of Shanghai, China. This neat and well-made kittle sideport diesel was based somewhat loosely upon the Mk. I version of the Mills .75, although it did embody a number of original design features. The illustrated example is engine number 010 of a batch of 22 examples which were produced in 2014. Given CS's announcement in October 2015 that they were ending model engine production, there will be no more of these little gems. 

This is a pity, because this is a very nice little engine which starts and runs very well, also being manufactured to a most acceptable standard if my own example is anything to go by. It is not particularly powerful, but it would make an excellent powerplant for a small free flight sport model. Full details of this fine little unit may be found in the CS NAVO .375 article on this web-site. 

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