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CS OT 30 Twin

Introduced in early 2011, the CS OT 30 Twin was a brave and in my view extremely successful attempt by the CS company of Shanghai, China to produce an in-line alternate-firing twin cylinder diesel of real utility. Both easy to start and extremely smooth-running, the engine proved to be a real powerhouse, developing a level of performance which would have been considered outstanding for a single-cylinder unit in the "classic" era in which the basic design had its roots.

Although based upon CS's well-known rendition of the Mk. III Oliver Tiger single-cylinder unit, the OT 30 Twin bears no resemblance to any of the twin-cylinder models produced by the Olivers themselves.  It is in fact an all-original design throughout. Basically a well thought-out design, its main design flaw was a certain tendency for the front web of the press-fitted central shaft to work loose. This was corrected in the late 2013 Vision 2 variant of the engine, which included spot welds to ensure that the web stayed put. A number of other modifications as suggested by the author and Maris Dislers were also included, raising the performance to around 0.640 BHP @ 15,200 rpm - an outstanding performance for a twin-cylinder 5 cc diesel.

Sadly, this fine engine is no longer available from CS, who announced in October 2015 that they have ceased to produce model engines. Regardless, this is a true classic! Full details of the original CS OT 30 Twin may be found on Ron Chernich's now-frozen "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site, while a test of the Vision 2 model will appear in due course on this web-site. For a rather amusing look at my initial attempt to start the Vision 2 model, check out this this video clip! Listen to my comment just before the engine starts..........!!  

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