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CS Mills replicas

During their final years in production prior to their abandoning the model engine field in October 2015, the CS company of Shanghai, China produced a series of classically-styled sideport diesels under the NAVO designation. The design of these engines was closely modelled upon that of the famous Mills diesels from Woking in England. The NAVO models ranged in displacement from 0.375 cc through 0.5 cc. 0.75 cc, 0.8 cc up to 1.3 cc.  An article on the NAVO 0.375 cc model may be found elsewhere on this web-site.

The two NAVO models which most closely duplicated their Mills progenitors were the .75 cc and 1.3 cc units. The design of these models was sufficiently faithful to the original Mills P.75 and 1.3 models that they may fairly be considered as replicas despite the significant cosmetic differences in their appearance. The examples that I have seen have all been very well made where it really counts despite meriting a certain amount of "adjustment" prior to being run. Many CS products require a degree of "fettling" prior to being used, but the necessary adjustments are easily identified and implemented by a knowledgeable owner, leaving him with a very servicable engine.  

A test comparing the CS NAVO .75 and 1.3 models with their original Mills counterparts may be found elsewhere on this website.  



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