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Enya Direct

The Enya company of Tokyo, Japan, is one of the oldest-established surviving model engine manufacturers in the world, having begun production of model engines in 1949. The company remains in the hands of the Enya family to this day. They have always been known for producing high-quality engines of excellent performance as well as introducing a number of significant innovations over the years. One notable innovation was their series of 4-stroke diesels which began appearing in 2006. They have also been notable for their continued support for the control-line community, unlike many others who have abandoned that field for R/C powerplants.  

The steady drop in the world-wide demand for model engines which was triggered initially by the rising profiles first of R/C and later ARTF flying and now further exacerbated by the rising popularity of electric power has sadly driven many fine manufacturers from the field. Those which remain are well worth supporting in my view. Enya is one of those which continues to press on, albeit having been compelled to change their marketing strategy from the retail to the mail order sector. Despite the absence of their engines on the shelves of the majority of today's hobby shops, they remain readily available direct from the company by mail order. Their service is fast and efficient, and the quality of their products remains at a very high level. Check them out at their recently-updated website