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Eric Clutton (Dr. Diesel)

Eric Clutton has long been a prominent figure in both model and full-sized aircraft design and construction, first in his native England and latterly from his home in Tullahoma, Tenneessee, USA. For many years, Eric has acted as the US distributor of the PAW model diesel range from England as well as a variety of related accessories, including a heat-shrink covering material called Millennium Cover. This very light weight material has glue on one side but no backing sheet to mess with because the glue is high heat. Eric sells a 10 ft x 1 ft pack for $4.00 and uses nothing else himself.

As of early 2019 when I contacted him directly, Eric was just about to turn 91 years old but was (in his own words) "still kicking, although a little more slowly!". He confirmed that all items were still available, along with an updated edition of his well-known book on model diesels entitled "Dr. Diesel's Diary" which now includes information on mixing one's own fuel. Eric is getting out of the diesel fuel supply business himself, but can recommend an alternative supplier in Arizona to whom he now passes his fuel orders. This supplier sells quarts at the same price as Eric charged. 

Eric is a highly responsible dealer from whom one may buy with complete confidence. Since the availability of the items that Eric sells may change over time, it's best to check with him directly. For more information, go to Eric's website or contact him directly at