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Parra model engines

Alberto Parra is a well-known supplier of high-quality model engines who lives in the Canary Islands. He is very well known in control line circles for his excellent engines, particularly those constructed for F2C team racing and vintage combat. The engines are manufactured in the Ukraine to very high standards, but are all designed by Alberto.

Among the notable powerplants offered by Alberto are his Parra T3 (2.5 cc Tiger 3) and T4 (3.2 cc Tiger 4) models in both standard and "special" versions. These units are classically styled along the lines of the iconic Oliver Tiger engines, but feature a number of improvements. They are primarily designed for vintage competition applications.

Alberto is a genuine enthusiast who is doing his very best to support those of us who remain interested in control line flying. His venture is well worthy of our reciprocal support. For further information, check out the T3/T4 page on  Alberto's website.