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PAW model engines

The PAW engines have been manufactured for over sixty years now by Progress Aero Works of Macclesfield in England. I got my first PAW engine (a brand new 2.49 Mk. III) in 1961 and have been a PAW user ever since. I've always found them to be light, tough and dependable units having very acceptable levels of performance as well as representing excellent value for one's money. The company has always stood behind their products as well, with an outstanding spares and repair service which puts some others to shame. As Bob Allan said in his tribute to PAW which appeared in 2006 on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site:

"In my opinion at least, the PAW comes closest to earning the tag of "the definitive model diesel engine". If nobody had yet designed a diesel model aero engine, and the design brief was to come up with a unit that was powerful, tough and reliable, yet light in weight, easy to handle and lasted forever - well, you would probably end up with a drawing of a PAW!"

I couldn't agree more! 

A recent check-up of the official  PAW web-site revealed that the site has not been updated since January 2014. Not only that, but a number of popular models, including the various 2.5 cc (.15 cuin.) designs, are not included. In June 2015, to find out how matters stood, I contacted Tony Eifflaender, with whom I have had very cordial dealings in the past. Tony assured me that although the web-site had admittedly not been kept up to date, all models (including the 2.5 cc engines) remain available at prices which are unchanged from their May 2012 levels. I gather that PAW is very active in other fields, including the manufacture of precision components for Formula One race cars, and that model engine manufacture is a bit of a sideline these days. However, for now at least, the PAW range remains available, although no new models appear to be planned and model engine production is presumably tailored strictly to meet demand.

Given the fact that the web-site is not up to date, anyone wanting to buy one of these fine products would best be advised to contact Tony or Paul Eifflaender directly by email at . I hope that many readers do so and that the PAW marque will survive well into the future!