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Engine Collectors' Journal

Published by my valued friend and colleague Tim Dannels of Buena Vista, Colorado, this is the definitive periodical for model engine aficionados world-wide. Published six times a year, the Engine Collectors' Journal (ECJ) is a gold-mine of information for anyone having more than a passing interest in these little mechanical marvels which provide us with so much enjoyment.

Much of this information, particularly that in the early issues, was collected and recorded "back then" when there were far more individuals among us with first-hand knowledge and experience of the engines concerned. Since many of these individuals have since left us, you couldn't collect this information today. This makes ECJ the only authoritative source for a great deal of model engine history - I use it all the time when writing my articles. 

The current cost of a 6-issue subscription is US$20.00 for US residents and US$25.00 for residents of other countries. It's worth every penny! You can learn more about ECJ and add your name to the subscription list by contacting Tim through the ECJ web page. You can also purchase bound collections of past issues from the same source. 

Because it's a hard-copy resource, finding a particular engine, company or individual among the 237 issues so far published can be a bit daunting, to say the least. Thankfully, Bill Bickel has painstakingly compiled a complete index for ECJ going right back to the original issue. This takes all the pain out of finding a given topic - you just look up the engine, company or individual of interest, and the Index tells you in which issues of ECJ you should look. I don't know how I managed without a copy - it's the ultimate key to unlocking the information so painstakingly assembled collected over so many years in the pages of Tim's wonderful Journal. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the Index should contact Bill Bickel directly. At US$25 for both parts, this is a bargain!

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