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Engines for Models

Engines for Models” is a 1955 softcover publication by Berkely Models of West Hempstead, New York, USA. It was compiled and edited by the late Bill Winter (1912 – 1998), a well-known and greatly respected model designer and writer who was the Editor of “Model Airplane News” at the time in question. This 96 page volume was actually Bill’s second book on model engines – his initial publication in that field appeared in 1946 under the title “Gas Models and Engines”. This earlier 183 page book was published by Thomas Y. Crowell and co-authored by Walter L. Schroder, with illustrations by H. A. Thomas. 

Engines for Models” may quite justly be viewed as an American equivalent of Ron Moulton’s well-known British publication "Model Aero Engine Encyclopaedia", which is also featured in this section of my web-site. It includes chapters on model engine history; model engine operation; different types of engines such as glow-plug, diesel, spark ignition and jet units; fuel supply issues; mounting considerations; fuels; plugs; props; and multi-speed operation. In other words, a comprehensive practical review of all aspects of model engines and their operation. The book is very well written, with plentiful illustrations. Most of the advice which it contains remains just as valid today as it was back then. 

As stated at the outset, Bill Winter did not actually write this book from scratch – rather, he made the best possible use of material drawn (with permission) from such sources as “Young Men”, “Flying Models” and “Model Airplane News” magazines, along with material extracted from his own earlier works such as “The Model Aircraft Handbook” (1941) and “Gas Models and Engines” (1946).  

It must surely be clear that this book constitutes a valuable reference for anyone who shares my own passionate interest in classic model aero engines. I'd advise any such individual to take full advantage of any opportunity to obtain a copy. Unfortunately, the book appears to be relatively rare these days – I have yet to locate a copy through the usual sources such as eBay and Amazon. The copy which I'm now fortunate enough to own came as a gift from my very good friend and valued colleague Ferenc "Somi" Somogyi of Hungary. Many thanks, my friend!