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Petersen team-race article

Here we present an English translation of an article about then-current team-race diesels which first appeared in Danish in around 1977, subsequently being re-published in Swedish in the now-defunct Swedish modelling magazine MODELLFLYGNYTT. To read the pdf file of the article, simply click on the link above and then choose “Open” from the tool-bar which appears.

The author of this article was Luis Petersen of Denmark, then a noted competitor in FAI (later F2C) team racing at the International level. Luis remained active as both a competitor and a judge until 2005. The article was translated into English by David Burke and is re-published here with the full permission of Luis Petersen, who considers it to be “ancient history” at this point in time! 

Ancient history it may be, but it's very rare to find an article in which the performances of competing racing engines during a given period are directly compared. As a snapshot of what people were using in team racing during the 1970’s (outside of the Communist bloc, anyway), this article has considerable interest for anyone interested in the fascinating history of team race engine development.

Apart from being an Internationally-prominent team race competitor, Luis Petersen was noted as a master engine builder with a passion for fine workmanship. An example of one of his engines, the Bugl-derived GP II  2.5 cc diesel, was reviewed in detail in an article which appeared on Ron Chernich’s “Model Engine News” (MEN) web-site. This article remains available at: