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Petrol Engines for Model Aircraft

"Petrol Engines for Model Aircraft" is a pioneering work by the well-known vintage-era British power modelling enthusiast J. F. P. Forster on the design, operation and management of model spark ignition engines. This 91 page volume was written while WW2 was still ongoing, being published by the Harborough Publishing Company Ltd. in soft-cover form in early 1944. A hard-cover edition appeared after the conclusion of the war.

The book represents a survey of the state of model spark ignition engine design and operation which had been reached prior to the onset of the war, as well as an optimistic look ahead to a day when the operation of powered model aircraft would once again became a pastime available to all model aircraft enthusiasts. Many of its observations and recommendations remain as valid for today's spark ignition operators as they were when the book was written. The technical information on a number of engines which had been manufactured up to WW2 is also very informative. Ignition systems have of course advanced a great deal, but much of the rest is just plain old common sense, which never goes out of date!  

There's little in this book that will add greatly to the practical knowledge of any present-day spark ignition enthusiast. However, as a nostalgic glance back to an earlier time when modellers were looking forward hopefully to a resumption of their favourite hobby, it's well worth a read! Copies still seem to turn up from time to time on eBay and elsewhere, selling for fairly reasonable prices for the most part.