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David-Andersen book

This is an English translation of the ground-breaking 1944 book by Jan David-Andersen of Norway on the subject of the design and construction of model diesel engines. It was written during the German occupation of Norway when Jan was only 23 years old.

I wish to acknowledge the kindness of my valued friend and colleague Tim Dannels in entrusting me with the copy of this very rare book which provided the basis for this translation. I also wish to express my very sincere thanks to my equally-valued Swedish friend and colleague Lars Gustafsson for his invaluable assistance in producing the initial translation of this historic work. Jan David-Andersen's son Bjørn also provided a great deal of much-valued assistance, as did my wife Lorna in formatting the translation for publication. But most of all, I'd like to thank Jan David-Andersen himself for his kindness and co-operation in making this publication possible. 

To view the book, click on the link above and then choose the "Open" option in the Adobe Reader panel that pops up.  Enjoy!!

For much more information of the life and work of Jan David-Andersen, see the in-depth article on the David-Andersen range which is available on this web-site.