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Diesel Model Engines

"Diesel Model Engines" was written by the noted British power modelling enthusiast and promoter Col. C. E. Bowden, who wrote extensively on power modelling topics in the British modelling media. It was not the first such book to appear in Britain - that honor goes to the late 1946 publication "Model Diesels" by D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson, which is also featured in this section of my web-site.

The 161-page first edition of "Diesel Model Engines" appeared in the latter part of 1947 (the red hardcover volume in the illustration). This went to a second impression in 1948, then two revised editions which appeared in 1949 and 1951 respectively. The blue 216 page softcover volume on the right in the illustration is a 1993 reprint of the 1951 third edition put out by TEE Publishing,  ISBN 1-85761-035-0.

Col. Bowden's first edition represents a highy atmospheric and quite detailed review of the early years of model diesel development, including a significant level of coverage of the writer's own experiences during that era. It is a required reference for anyone who (like me) takes a close interest in the early development of the model diesel. The 1951 third edition which was reprinted by TEE Publications is more comprehensive in some ways, but has the downside of eliminating many of the pioneering subjects covered in the first edition in the interests of bringing the coverage up to date. It's a pity that this goal was achieved through the replacement of the pioneering material rather than its expansion. It must also be said that the fact that the reprint edition is a copy of an original has an adverse effect upon the quality of printing found in that edition.

Examples of both the original edition and the TEE reprint remain available from time to time on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere. I personally prefer the original first edition, although the TEE reprint does have a value. Either rendition of the book constitutes a valuable addition to the reference library of any model diesel enthusiast.