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D-C Bantam

The compact little D-C Bantam was by far the most commercially successful of the four British .049 glow-plug engines which appeared on the market during 1959-1960. Although it was undoubtedly the worst of the four contestants in performance terms, being built down to a price rather than up to a standard, it outlasted all of its competitors, becoming Britain's best-selling engine for a number of years. Its success was due to a combination of an extraordinarily low price coupled with some highly inflated test figures published in "Aeromodeller" magazine. It survived until 1971, when it was replaced by the vastly superior D-C Wasp. 

For a full discussion of the unusually interesting circumstances surrounding the career of this rather anaemic little engine, see my earlier article on the "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site. 





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