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David-Andersen Drabant

The David-Andersen (D-A) diesels were manufactured by Jan David-Andersen in Oslo, Norway  from 1950 until 1964. Jan David-Andersen was one of the true pioneers of model diesel development, having entered the field in 1943 on an experimental basis. He had even gone so far as to write a book on the subject in 1944.

All D-A products were produced to the very highest engineering standards. The D-A Drabant was no exception. It was one of a small series of updated 2.5 cc (.15 cuin.) models which began to appear in 1957 to replace the original D-A 2.5 cc model which had been introduced in 1950. The Drabant appeared in two successive variants, both having twin ball-race crankshafts allied to well-developed cylinder porting. The engine was an excellent performer, if not quite up to the standards of performance then being set by products such as the contemporary Oliver Tiger Mk. III. The final Drabant-II version of the engine remained in production right up to the termination of all D-A model engine manufacture in 1964. 

There was also a plain bearing version of the Drabant which was marketed as the D-A Tellus. The range was completed by a series of well-designed 1 cc (.06 cuin.) models which appeared successively beginning in 1954. Full details of the D-A range may be found in the detailed account of the David-Andersen engines engines which appears elsewhere on this web-site. 

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