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Hassad barstock special

The Hassad barstock special was a one-off prototype constructed in the late 1940's by the legendary model engine designer and manufacturer Ira Hassad of San Diego, California. No castings were used in its construction - every alloy component was machined from bar stock.

Until  recently, the existence of this engine was only known through the fortuitous survival of a handful of photographs of the original unit. These provided sufficient detail to enable the very talented constructor Don Sohn of Oshkosh, Wisconsin to complete three superb re-creations of the engine. One of these engines is illustrated here. 

Subsequently, I was contacted by Jim Hassad (b. 1949) who is the son of Ira Hassad. Jim was able to confirm the existence of the original engine, which was in his possession until 2013. He tells us that it was constructed in the late 1940's, shortly before Ira abandoned the model engine field in 1949 in favour of full-sized hot rodding and other activities. He also confirmed a few details about the engine's construction, including its strong Dooling influence.

A detailed review of the Hassad Barstock Special may be found elsewhere on this website.




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