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H&R Rattler

The H&R Rattler .29 racing engine was the joint creation of Bill Husted and Luke Roy of Fairfield, California, who together formed the very successful H&R Speed Team. Beginning in October 1963, the team began to build a series of custom .29 cuin. racing engines based upon a combination of K&B and Super Tigre parts with some of their own components. As time went by, some of the off-the-shelf components proved to be unequal to the task, resulting in the team making progressively more of the engine themselves.

The final development of the H&R Rattler 29 as illustrated here was a formidable competitor during its heyday, setting numerous records along the way. It ended up having set no fewer than nine US Class B records, its fasteset-ever speed being 174.69 mph. Some going for an unpiped .29 cuin. motor in 1967! 

The team members went their separate ways after the 1967 season, although they remained good friends. In Luke Roy's recollection, they produced a total of some 20 examples of the illustrated model in total between 1964 and 1967, making it a very rare item indeed today.

The full H&R Rattler story may be found in my earier article on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-sit. It's a fascinating saga - well worth a read in my view! Additional information supplied subsequently by Luke Roy may be found in my July 2017 Editorial.


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