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Atwood Crown Champion series

The Atwood Crown Champion engines constituted a short-lived series of designs produced by the legendary American model engine designer and manufacturer Bill Atwood in Glendale, California. At the time when the series first appeared by that name in March 1940, Bill Atwood was working for the Hi-Speed Division of Phantom Motors of Los Angeles. His employers were evidently not interested in adding the manufacture of the Crown Champion series to their portfolio, as a result of which the Crown Champion series was marketed by a separate entity called Champion Products Co. of Glendale, Calidfornia.  Given the very small number of engines apparently produced, it seems quite likely that this was simply a trade name used by Atwood to market the products of his own home workshop. 

The first member of the series was the 15 cc Silver Crown Champion hydroplane engine which appeared in 1938, albeit not by that name.  It was only ever offered as a casting kit with drawings for home construction. The other four members of the Crown Champion series were different 10 cc variants of a common basic design intended variously for tether car, hydroplane and aero service. Like the Silver Crown Champion, several of these 10 cc models featured dual rotary intake valves, an arrangement which Atwood was to pursue for ten years up to 1948.

Production of the Crown Champions by that name was confined to the year 1940, since by the end of that year Bill Atwood had developed replacement models. The full story of the Atwood Crown Champion series may be found in a separate article on this website.   


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