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Atsuta 19

The almost-forgotten Atsuta 19 glow-plug motor of of 3.31 cc (0.202 cuin.) displacement was produced during the early 1950's in Nagoya, Japan. Its manufacturers styled themselves (in Japanese, natiurally!) as “Atsuta Internal Combustion Engine Research and Development”.

The engine is notable for its unusually long crankshaft as well as for the fact that its rotary disc valve was cleverly designed to allow operation in either direction. With its low vertical height and long shaft, it would have made an excellent powerplant for scale models. The engine is constructed to very high standards of precision - in fact, there are stories from Japan to the effect that the shafts were often fitted too closely, resulting in seizures during operation. This may have had something to do with the fact that the range never appears to have expanded. Moreover, the single model that was produced seems to have been made in quite small numbers. The engine is very rare today.

The full story of this interesting engine may be found in the detailed article on the Atsuta 19 which appears elsewhere on this web-site. 

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