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C.I.E. 10 diesel

The C.I.E. 10 sideport diesel was one of the first model diesels to be developed in the USA following the conclusion of WW2. Beginning in late 1946, it was manufactured initially by the Compression Ignition Engines division of Modelcraft Hobbies of 11929 South Western Ave., Los Angeles 44, California. The actual designers and manufacturers were a pair of gentlemen named Barney Snyder and William (Bill) A. Ruff. Later the manufacture of the design was taken over by a different company called Hy-Pro Engines, also of Los Angeles. Hy-Pro production continued until early 1948. It appears that some 3,000 examples may have been manufactured in total. 

Despite the engine's name, its true displacement was actually 0.147 cu. in. (2.41 cc). The engines were very competently designed and constructed - indeed, they could easily stand comparison with the best products of other countries involved in the manufacture of model diesels. Present-day testing has confirmed that the engines performed at a level which was well up to then-prevailing standards.

Full details of the C.I.E. 10 may be found elsewhere on this web-site. 


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