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Clan 0.9 cc diesel

The Clan 0.9 cc diesel from Scotland was manufactured in two quite distinct variants between early 1947 and mid 1948. The engines were marketed by a company calling itself Clan Models, who gave their address as 24 First Avenue in Glasgow. However, the engines were actually manufactured by a firm called Kingdom Models of Coaltown of Wemyss in Fife, on Scotland's east coast. Their manufacturing facility was housed in a converted cowshed!

The initial version of the Clan 0.9 cc diesel utilized the eccentric bearing arrangement for compression adjustment. However, this version of the engine does not appear to have remained long on the market. By August of 1947 it had been replaced by a second variant which used a conventional comp screw/contra-piston set-up. Tests have shown that this latter version runs very well indeed. 

It has been suggested that the Clan engines were somehow related to the Clansman and Falcon 5 cc diesel and spark ignition models marketed by the Caledonia Model Co. of 5 Pitt Street in Glasgow. However, this connection is presently unsubstantiated by any persuasive evidence. 

Full details of the Clan 0.9 cc diesel, including a test, may be found elsewhere on this web-site. 


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