OK engines (Herkimer)

OK Model Engine Range (Herkimer)

The OK model engines were manufactured in America by the Herkimer Tool & Model Works of Herkimer, New York from the late 1930's through to the mid 1960's. Few aeromodellers who were active in the 1950's would not have had direct experience with at least one OK engine. Even in Britain, where I was cutting my power modelling teeth at the time, they showed up quite regularly on the flying field.

The company's products covered an amazing range of different designs, including their neat little OK Cub .049 and .074 cuin. diesels from the mid 1950's. Most of their engines were produced in very substantial numbers. However, time and technology eventually caught up with them, leading to the cessation of production in 1964. Since then, the passage of over half a century has left many of today's enthusiasts with very little detailed knowledge about the company which produced the engines in such large numbers.

To help in this regard, my valued Australian friend and colleague David Burke of Adelaide Aeromotive has very kindly assembled a wide-ranging selection of photographs, advertisements, articles and other material about this range. David's very interesting presentation may be found in pdf form through this link. We hope that you'll find it of interest!!

I should note here that the OK flag is still flying as of 2019 through the efforts of Ted Brebeck, who is the grandson of company founder Charles Brebeck. Ted still offers a limited range of new original  components to help keep these old classics running. He also offers his very informative book about the OK enterprise entitled "They Should Have Kept the Bear". You can check out what’s currently on offer at www.okengines.com


Attachment © David Burke, Adelaide, South Australia

First published October 2018