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Engine Parts Available

It's been brought to my attention that a surprising number of model engine enthusiasts somehow acquire significant stocks of parts for classic model engines and/or model engine ranges. In many cases these collections of parts far exceed the potential needs of their owners. Getting these parts back into circulation and use is greatly preferable to hoarding them and ultimately seeing them go to the landfill or the metal recyclers when their owners either depart or lose interest. However, disposing of them can be a challenge - eBay is a lot of work, plus offerings there are time-limited.

It has been suggested that I offer a listing service for such spare parts holdings. We're not talking about a few individual parts here - that's for eBay. Rather, we're talking about large assemblages of parts for specific engines or marques. This page is intended to fulfil that need.

Accordingly, as time goes by you will see links appear here to inventories of parts for specific engines or marques. I will be making an early contribution - thanks to the kindness of my valued English friend Alan Strutt, I have recently come into possession of a sizeable inventory of original factory parts for the Nordec 60 which were saved by a friend of Alan's when the factory ended model engine production. I'll be making an inventory which will be linked to this page in due course along with prices (which will be very reasonable) and contact information. 

I am also in contact with a fellow enthusiast who has a large stash of parts for the classic Enya models. A link to that collection will also appear here once a priced inventory has been prepared.

I'm prepared to host other major parts inventories here as well, although I reserve the right to refuse any such requests if I feel that they don't meet my criteria.  Anyone having such a parts stash is invited to contact me to inquire about having it posted here. The criteria will be that all parts have to be for a specific engine or marque, and must be offered at a firm price - no bidding and no haggling. I'm not setting up in competition with eBay here!  Indeed, I'm not trying to help people make money - rather, I'm trying to facilitate the return to service of parts which will otherwise be lost in all probability.

Please note that all transactions between buyers and sellers are to be direct - I will not be acting as a sales agent! I'm merely providing a listing service, and that is the sum total of my involvement except in cases where I'm the seller. Moreover, I will accept no responsibility for parts sales by others since I have no involvement - that's between the sellers and the buyers. Finally, all contacts with sellers are to be strictly for ordering purposes - no negotiating! Life's too short...............

I hope that as time goes by this free service will save a few original parts from being junked and will result in a few more classic engines being restored with those original parts. No sense feeding the landfill if we can avoid it!