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RMJ Machine Worx piston rings

As many readers will be aware, Frank Bowman operated a service for some 35 years supplying high-quality piston rings for almost any engine that you could think of. His excellent rings brought many a tired old classic back to life - I used them frequently myself. However, after all those years of ring-making, Frank retired from the fray several years ago, leaving a huge void in the range of services available to classic modellers. He was greatly missed.

It's thus a genuine pleasure to be able to report that Frank has now sold his ring-making operation to his near-neighbour Bjorn Baal of Farmington, New Mexico, who operates a business called RMJ Machine Worx. As part of the deal, Frank personally trained Bjorn on how to make the rings just like Frank did. The deal also included the same 1951 Logan lathe that Frank used for many years to make his rings. Finally, Frank has continued to make himself personally available to Bjorn for the provision of advice and guidance in the event of a question arising.

Bjorn is now doing a great job and is sending his rings all over the world, just as Frank did. An invaluable service restored!  Check this link for Bjorn's current listing. You can contact him directly through this link.