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Carlson Engine Imports

Carlson Engine Imports of 814 E. Marconi Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85022 U.S.A. is a long-established distributor of imported engines from various locations worldwide, most of them somewhat off the beaten track. The firm was established in 1983 by Ed Carlson, who still operates the company today (late 2016). 

Ed was among the first US importers to bring in engines from such places as Russia (then still under Communist administration), the Czech Republic, China and India. A check in late 2016 confirmed that he still has stocks of a number of engines from these countries among others, including some that are no longer in production. He also retains a good selection of PAW engines from England. 

I’ve been dealing with Ed for over twenty years now and have always found him to be a totally dependable dealer who provides great service and stands behind what he sells. He does have a website, but this hasn’t been maintained in the past few years due to various technical difficulties. He can be reached by email, although he tells me that he’s often a bit slow to respond. It’s best by far to contact Ed directly by telephone at 602 – 863 – 1684. That will generally put you into immediate contact. 

Anyone interested either in model engines from off the beaten track or in the standby and ever-dependable PAW line would be well advised to contact Ed to find out what he has in stock. There’s always likely be something of interest!