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Swedish Model Engine Encyclopedia

This extremely well-produced and informative little book (ISBN N 978 91 633 1942-6) is an absolute must-have reference for anyone having even a perpipheral interest in the fascinating and often surprising history of model engine development in Sweden. It was compiled by Ulf Carlén, who has gone to a great deal of trouble to produce a book of lasting value. As the title might suggest, the book is very much a Swedish equivalent of Tim Dannel's "American Model Engine Encyclopedia", having a similar format in which all of the various engine ranges and specific models which have appeared in Sweden over the years are presented in alphabetical order. Hence a given engine or marque is very easy to find. 

The lavishly-illustrated text is printed on high-quality paper with a very durable glossy cover. This book should easily last a modelling lifetime! The text of the book is presented in English, making it widely accessible to readers from many parts of the world.  I do not know if there is a Swedish-text version. 

When contacted in early 2015, Ulf advised that he still has copies of the book available for sale. The price worldwide is US$38.00 including postage, which seems eminently fair to me given the very high quality of the actual book as well as its highly illuminating contents. You can contact Ulf directly to order a copy.  He may be reached by email at: