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French Model Motors

Published in the millennium year of 2000 by Éditions de L’Automobiliste of Paris, ”Les Moteurs Modelés réduits Francais” (French Model Engines) is an illustrated catalogue of model engines manufactured commercially in France from the early pioneering era up to the late 20th century. It was compiled and edited by Adrien Maeght, with excellent photographs by M. Phélizon. English-speaking readers need not be discouraged by the French titile - this lavishly illustrated high-quality soft-cover book presents its text in both French and English, thus making it readily accessible to many readers all over the world. No-one having even a peripheral interest in the fascinating history of model engine development and manufacture in general, and in France in particular, can afford to be without a copy.

Although now out of print, the book remains readily available both through Amazon France and eBay France. A recent check confirmed that the book remains available today (late 2014) from both sources. However, it is not cheap – typically you’ll pay somewhere around 65 euros (US$80.00). Well worth it, though – what price knowledge?? There’s no other comparable publication. In a very real sense, this is the French equivalent of Tim Dannels’ invaluable “American Model Engine Encyclopedia”. Highly recommended!