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American Model Engine Encyclopedia

Regular followers of my research will find references to this invaluable publication in almost every article which includes some discussion of American model engines. This ground-breaking work has just (mid 2015) been released in its greatly expanded Volume 2 edition, which brings the story up to 2015.

The author, my friend and colleague Tim Dannels, has been publishing the "Engine Collectors' Journal" (ECJ) for decades now, with the result that there is no-one who is more knowledgeable than Tim on the subject of American model engines in general. The book is in essence an illustrated catalog, including images and commentary on every known model engine which was manufactured commercially in America from 1911 to 2015. Since the entries are arranged alphabetically, finding the engine that you want is very easy indeed.

No-one with even a peripharal interest in American model engines can aford to be without a copy of this outstanding work. Copies are readily available from Tim on-line at a cost of $60 plus postage.