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Italian Modelling Magazines

This is not a publication as such - rather, it is a website called “Riviste Italiane di Aeromodellismo Dinamico” (Italian Flying Model Aircraft Magazines) which constitutes an invaluable source of articles, plans, images and other information from a wide range of classic Italian modelling magazines. It's more or less an italian version of Colin Usher's well-known but sadly now defunct website which was devoted to back issues of classic English-language magazines.

I've found this site to be an excellent source of information when conducting research into pioneering Italian model engines. Although most of the material is of course in Italian, there are a number of software options these days which allow you to scan the articles and generate an English translation which at least gives you the sense of what is being said. The images and plans are of course unfettered by any language barriers. Anyone who is at all interested in classic Italian model designs and engines will find this site to be well worth a look!