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Model Glow Plug Engines

"Model Glow Plug Engines" is an early work on its title subject which was written by the renowned pioneering British power modeller Col. C. E. Bowen, who also wrote a parallel book on the subject of "Diesel Model Engines". Col. Bowden's glow-plug book was published by Percival Marshall in February 1949. 

This very entertaining little work was compiled at a time when the modelling community was still coming to grips with the unique challenges inherent in successful glow-plug operation. After all, the commercial miniature glow-plug had appeared on the American market only a year or so prior to the appearance of this book. Moreover, most of the pioneering work in connection with the practical application of this form of ignition had taken place in the USA. 

This being the case, it will come as no surprise to learn that the contents of this book will do little to inform today's users of model glow-plug engines. Many of the book's conclusions and recommendations have been set aside as a result of decades of later experience. Indeed, a number of factors affecting successful glow-plug operation had not even been identified at the Colonel's time of writing, hence not being covered at all.

That said, the book remains an invaluable and highly atmospheric record of the impact whch the arrival of this then-new form of ignition had upon the contemporary modelling scene and the ways in which modellers of the era approached its use at the outset. Viewed in that context, there are few more entertaining and informative pioneering works on the subject of model glow-plug engines. Definitely a book worth reading by anyone having an interest in the development of model engines during the pioneering era!  

Original copies of the book appear from time to time on eBay and elsewhere. There is also a facsimile edition which is published in England by Tee Publications. Anyone having an interest should be able to obtain a copy through one of these sources.