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McCoy 9 diesel

The McCoy diesels from the USA were introduced in 1953 with the appearance of the original radial-mount .049D model. In 1954 an upgraded version of this engine having a beam mount crankcase and a larger diameter crankshaft appeared, together with a larger .099 cuin. variant of what was basically the same engine. This latter model was designated the McCoy 9. It was arguably one of the finest "1.5 cc" diesels ever manufactured. In an online poll conducted some years ago on a widely-read modelling forum, the McCoy 9 was voted by an International readership as the finest model diesel of their experience in the .099 cuin. displacement category. I fully concur with this assessment - my own test show this to be a fine-handling and very powerful engine having a peak output of around 0.18 BHP @ 14,000 rpm - quite a performance by 1954 standards. For the complete story of the McCoy 9 and its two .049D companions, see my earlier article on the "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site. 




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