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Rowell 60

Introduced in mid 1948, the Rowell 60 from Dundee in Scotland was a brave and technically very successful attempt by a small British manufacturer to create a 10 cc racing engine which could challenge the all-conquering designs from America, such as the McCoy and Hornet 60 models. The engines were manufactured to the very highest standards, also performing at levels which were quiite comparable to the original versions of the competing American designs.

Unfortunately, the introduction of the Rowell 60 Mk. I coincided with the advent of the vastly-improved McCoy 60 Series 20 as well as the rise to prominence of the Dooling 61. This rendered the Mk. I Rowell 60 obselete in performance terms almost immediately. An attempt was made to rectify this deficiency with a much improved Mk. II version featuring a down-draft intake, but this effort too fell somewhat short. Production of the engine ceased in 1952 after perhaps some 400 examples of all models had been manufactured.

The complete Rowell 60 story may be accessed on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site.  





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