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Reeves H.18

Introduced in the latter half of 1950 as a replacement for the out-dated Reeves 3.4 cc model, the Reeves H.18 diesel of 1.8 cc displacement was a far more up-to-date design than its predecessor. With its short-stroke geometry and disc valve induction, it seemed to be setting its manufacturer Edward Reeves on the track towards the development of a far more competitive range. However, a larger version of the same basic design, the Reeves Goblin of 2.5 cc displacement which replaced the H.18 in early 1952, failed catastrophically during its test at the hands of Peter Chinn, damaging Reeves' reputation to the extent that production ceased entirely shortly thereafter.

A full description and test of the Reeves H.18 may be found on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site. 




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