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The 2.5 cc MOKI S-1 speed engine of 1958 was the first product of the Modell Kisérleti Intézet (MOKI - Model Experimental Institution) which was established at Budaörs airport on the 1st of June, 1957 by the Communist government then in power in Hungary. The purpose of MOKI was to provide top Hungarian modellers with engines which would perform at a level which allowed them to succeed at the highest levels of International competition. The MOKI S-1 was designed by MOKI's first Director György Benedek. Only some ten examples of this wonderful engine were produced in total. 

The engine was an immediate and overwhelming success. In the capable hands of MOKI employee Imre Tóth, the S-1 not only took first place in the 1958 World Control-Line Speed Chapionships but also powered the Hungarian team to first place in the team competition as well. As events were to prove, this was only the first in a long line of MOKI successes at the International level. For the full story of the MOKI venture, see the detailed MOKI article on this web-site. 

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