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K Vulture

This 5 cc English diesel first appeared in October 1947. It was a product of the K Model Engineering Co. of Gravesend in Kent, England. It was both light and powerful by the standards of its day, and was offered in glow-plug form as well. However, the original version (of which the illustrated model is an example) suffered from a number of structural inadequacies, principally the crankshaft design. The engine was quickly re-designed to address these issues, but the damage to its reputation (and that of the company) had been done and the Vulture consequently never achieved the market prominence that it might otherwise have done given the fact that it was actually a very good runner, if a little cantankerous to start. In particular, the mid-1949 final version which appears in the subsidiary illustration was an excellent engine from which virtually all of the design flaws had been eliminated. Despite this, sales did not recover, the consequence being that manufacture ceased in late 1949 after some 2,300 examples had been produced. 

For a full account of the rather sad story of the K Vulture, see my earlier in-depth article on the late Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site.  


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