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Winner 10 cc

The Winner 10 cc spark ignition motor was an Australian-made near-copy of the Brown Junior "C" design from America. The engine was marketed by Reginald Payne, owner of Payne’s Sports Goods Stores in Melbourne. The engines are known to have been manufactured in Melbourne between 1937 and 1939, although the identity of the firm or individual responsible has never been authoritatively established. The Winner was produced in very limited numbers, hence being a very rare engine today. Only some 6 examples are currently (2018) known to exist.

Models powered by the Winner appeared at both the 1938 and 1939 Australian National Championship meetings. The pinnacle of the engine's contest success came at the 1939 event, when it powered H. J. MacKay’s own designed “Gas Champ” to first place at the 2nd Australian National Championships. Thereafter, WW2 intervened, putting an end to the Winner story.

A full review and test of the Winner 10 cc sparker by Maris Dislers appears elsewhere on this website.



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