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MS diesels

The MS diesels were made during the late 1940's by one of the earliest (if not the earliest) model shops in England, the Model Shop (Newcastle), which was established in 1924 and was still going over 80 years later! They marketed two diesel models of significantly different designs. One was a small unit of roughly 1.2 cc displacement, while the larger model had a displacement of around 2.4 cc They are rarer today than a mixture of hens teeth and rocking horse droppings!

The 1.2 cc engine was basically a conventional sideport model apart from the fact that its intake was located at the front of the crankcase, facing directly into the airstream. Equally unusually, the fuel tank was a wrap-around design which fitted over the main bearing housing. The larger and far rarer model featured compression adjustment by the rotation of an eccentrically-bored main bearing bushing. Both engines featured square cylinder fins.  

The engines were manufactured by the proprieter of the shop, Charlie Lutman, at a factory in the Team Valley, near Newcastle upon Tyne. They also made fuel tanks, pilots, and a whole range of goodies.

A brief article about the MS engines may be found on the late Ron Chernich's now-frozen "Model Engine News" (MEN) website. This article was written by Ken Croft, who made a superb replica of the 1.2 cc model. It is Ken's replica which is illustrated here. Les Stone and Graham Podd also made superb replicas of that model. The illustrated 2.4 cc model is an original. Good luck finding either an original or a replica of either of these mega-rare engines!!




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