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Gordon Burford's Schnuerle port experiments

New model engine designs don't materialize out of nowhere - there's always a period of development and testing behind them. A fine case study of the kind of development process that engine manufacturers have to go through is the story of the extended development program undertaken by Australia's iconic model engine manufacturer Gordon Burford to develop his well-known series of Schnuerle-ported engines which were marketed under the Taipan label from 1972 until 1976. 

My good mate Maris Dislers has very kindly written up this very interesting behind-the-scenes story. Maris's article vividly portrays the kind of process that any model engine designer has to go through in order to bring an entirely new product based upon new technology to the marketplace. It's a fascinating tale complete with dead ends, outright failures and notable successes. My very sincere thanks go out to Maris for his efforts, which were very generously supported by David Burke of Adelaide Aeromotive Pty. Ltd., the current bearers of the Taipan standard.

The complete article about the development of the Gordon Burford Schnuerle-ported engines may be found elsewhere on this website. 

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