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ETA 29

The ETA 29 was arguably one of the finest racing glow-plug motors ever to come out of England during the "classic" era.  The engine was designed by the late Ken Bedford and manufactured by the Bedford family business of ETA Instruments Ltd. at Watford in Hertfordshire, England. 

The ETA 29 first appeared on the market in April 1949, subsequently passing through five more variants up to its final withdrawal in 1968. These variants were identified as the Series I through Series VI models. There was also a "seventh series" which was a variant of the Series VI model and was designated as the Series VIc. This final version of the engine developed a sturdy 0.82 BHP @ 17,000 RPM.

The engine proved to be remarkably versatile. When fitted with a spraybar, it made a surprisingly good C/L stunt motor. It also performed well in R/C aerobatic service when fitted with a throttle. In its all-out configuration, it was used quite extensively in control-line speed models, giving a very good account of itself.  However, its forte was Class B Team Racing, a category in which it was the engine to beat for many years, both in Britain and elsewhere.

A short but informative article on the ETA 29 may be found on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) website. An in-depth historical review and test of the engine appears elsewhere on this website

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