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Glo Chief 45

The Glo Chief 45 was a short-lived product of Gordon Burford & Company of Australia. The Glo Chief range was the larger-displacement glow-plug companion series to the well-known Taipan engines which were also produced by Gordon Burford.

The engine was introduced in 1962 and remained on the market until 1965. It was one of a trio of glow-plug models which were all constructed to a similar basic design around a common 29-sized crankcase. The shoe-horning of the .45 cuin internals into this relatively small case forced a number of compromises upon the designer which had a somewhat negative effect upon its performance.

Although it was something of an under-performer among contemporary .45 cuin engines, the Glo Chief 45 did have the merit of being the lightest engine of that displacement at the time. It also developed a spectacular amount of low-speed torque. Finally, it was a fine-handling engine which ran very well provided that it was not expected to rev out too high. Despite these factors, it was not a strong seller, probably remaining on the market for as long as it did simply due to the time required for the single production run from 1962 to be sold off. Consequently it is a very rare engine today.

Full details of the Glo Chief 45 may be found in Maris Dislers' separate article on this web-site.  

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