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Bonnier 5 cc diesel

The Bonnier engines were manufactured by the Claude Bonnier Company of 35 Rue Marengo, Courbevoie, France, which was in effect a suburb of Paris. Prior to their 1946 entry into the model engine manufacturing field, the Bonnier company had acted for some years as the trade distributors for the Micron range.

The company's only model engine products were two successive but very similar variants of a very well-made 5 cc fixed compression diesel. Although differently styled, this engine was clearly based upon the design of the very successful Micron 5 cc fixed-compression diesel - indeed, Bonnier openly acknowledged this fact in their advertising. Model engine manufacture was confined to the years 1946-47, after which the company seems to have expanded into other fields of precision engineering. 

A detailed account of the Bonnier model engine manufacturing venture will appear in due course on this web-site. 

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