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Mamiya range

The Mamiya engines were produced in Tokyo, Japan, by a company called Tokyo Hobbycrafts. The name of the range reflects a rather tenuous association with the far more famous Mamiya camera company, although the two ventures were always completely independent from one another in an organizational sense.

The Mamiya range had a relatively short production life, remaining on the market from early 1948 to around 1957. During this brief period, the number of different models produced was considerable, ranging from a .61 cuin. spark ignition model to a series of excellent .099 cuin. designs, with numerous variants of a .29 cuin model in between. The company was also among the first Japanese manufacturers to introduce a .15 cuin. model. Several of the later designs were manufactured in both glow-plug and diesel forms. 

All of the Mamiya engines were constructed to very high standards. However, as time went by they failed to keep pace with developing trends in the model engine market, hence falling behind their competitors in terms of sales. This trend eventually forced their withdrawal from the market in around 1957. 

Further information on the Mamiya range may be found elsewhere on this web-site. 

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