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AMCO .87

The AMCO .87 Mk. I diesel was introduced in August of 1947 as the initial offering from the Anchor Motor Co. of Chester, Cheshire, England. With  bore and stroke measurements of 0.375 inches and 0.481 inches respectively (9.52 mm and 12.22 mm), it was a typical long-stroke side-port design of its day. Displacement, as the name suggests, was 0.87 cc (0.53 cuin.).

The little AMCO displayed a number of quite interesting design features. It was very well made where it counted, hence being an easy-starting and durable sports motor having a very useful performance by the standards of its day.

The Mk. I version of the engine was replaced in mid 1948 by a revised Mk. II version having a screw-on light alloy cooling jacket. This appeared in two successive minor variants prior to the engine's final withdrawal in 1950 as the company focused entirely upon its AMCO 3.5 cc models. 

Full details of the AMCO .87 may be found in my earlier article on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site.  




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